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Contem-purr-ary Design Beyond Functionality

Stories has been passed from one generation to the next with architectures symbolizing different cultures and identities. Mini Cardboard Mansion are inspired by some of the most iconic and gorgeous architectural styles in the world, featuring stones prints, neutral colors and exquisite outlines, creating unique character in each piece.
组 109_2x.png
Captivating Contour Design
组 107_2x.png
Humble Rock Grain
组 108_2x.png
Engaging Pattern
组 104_2x.png
Harmonious Color Theme

Combo Use Design ​

Understanding that cats are territorial animals. And just like our jealous girlfriend/ boyfriend, they may act out if what they regard as “MINE!” should be shared. Designed for multi-cat families, our independent cat-houses can stand alone, or be joint securely with pathway between cat houses, forming whole new structure and exciting your forever-curious cats, while allowing more private spaces for them to jump from perch to perch freely.
Combo Use Design_edited.jpg

The Shadow Mansion


The Blue Hacienda


The Shadow Mansion


The Marbled Villa

Simple Assembly in Seconds​

The design is offering users the most convinient and space saving ways to store the cat house when not in use. Simply fold and hold the cat house in place with the strap that comes along in the package.
combo GIF.gif
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