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Who We Are

Pettellya is built on the believe that our beloved furry friends deserves products of the finest quality, while owners’ sophisticated taste shall also be incorporated in designs. With this principle in mind, each piece of our product collection is crafted with precision and care, considering not only your pet's comfort, but also reflecting the own’s lifestyle. These values ensure umcompromising high standard in our products, promising attentiveness in even the smallest details.

Blend Into Interior Design

Premium Quality

Practical Conveniece

Insistence on

Absolute Thoughtfulness

Complete Safety

Genuine High Performace



Based in Hong Kong, each member of Pettellya is so fortunate to have found each other with the common value to offer only the most premium pet products to the market, and able to share our talents in actualizing our believes.

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Meaning Behind "Pettellya"

Pettellya: “Pet Tell You” Our brand is determined to decipher the inner thought of pets. After figuring out what pets and owners really need, we will covert these ideas into practice solutions of the highest quality, developed from the perspective of both our beloved furballs and considering exquisite human taste.

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Our Never Ending Journey
We have started our very first collection - The Mini Cardboard Mansion in 2022. But this is definately not the last one More exciting designs coming. Stay tuned~
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