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Meowvelously designed for cats.jpg

Meowvelously Designed for CATS

Great designs shouldn’t be reserved for humans. Everyone in the family
deserves attentively designed items in their life, and that shouldn’t stop at our
four-legged friends. We hope your cats will fall in love with the cat house from
the MEOWMENT it arrives at your home.


The only material impawsible for cats to resist
The smell, the texture of cardboard, all speaks directly to cat's instincts. Corrugated cardboard helps keep cats warm, allowing them to feel safe and cozy.

Warm & Cozy
Cardboards are excellent insulator. While curled up inside the boxes, it retains the body heat of cats, allowing them to be at around 37°C - the optimum temperature where cats can sleep comfortably in winter or under chilling air-conditioned environment.

Ideal Texture
Cardboard is the perfect texture for your cat to bite and scratch, making them great fun to play around with. The material itself is thought to be reducing stress.

Cat Cardboard.png

Deciphering inner thought of pets… Developed from the perspective of our beloved furballs.
資產 4.png

Staying True to Cat's Nature

In Love with Cardboard
Irresistible with its smell & texture

Concealed in the Dark
Hiding to prepare for the hunt, or just to enjoy solitary …

Instinctively Curious
Live 9 lives just to explore the world

Born to Hunt
Aggressive? No! Just biting for fun

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