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The Blue Hacienda1.png

The Blue Hacienda

The hacienda’s rock-like print together with the dexterous blend of lighter tones and darker blue evokes a sense of poetry. The purrr-gonomic, instead of ergonomic design, features arches opening and scratching pad as the pitched staircase on the tower's exterior, adding a playful twist to the contemporary vibe.
矩形 239.png

Insistence on



Transitional; Coastal


Neutral Colors;

Bolder Color Mix

组 29.png


Blocky Shapes ; Simple Finishes

椭圆 141.png
椭圆 141.png
椭圆 140.png
WeChat 圖片_20230329151330.png


组 92.png
Scratching Pads
Triggering heart of lion inside every kitty
组 93.png
Path Way
Cleverly designed exit holes as escape routes for cats of all sizes, during fights
减去 38.png
Peekaboo Holes
For interacting, observation, and ventilation, from different sides

Stunning Epitome of Santorini

Inspired by the jenga-like landscape of this gorgeous island in Greece, to accentuate spatial concept for an impactful first impression, the cat house replicates layers in different heights interlacing, giving depth and grandeur to the cat house.
Scratching Pads

Scratching Pads

Path Way

Path Way

Peekaboo Holes

Peekaboo Holes

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