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Claw - ver for Humans too

Tastefully balancing style and functional needs of humans and our feline friends, revealing intelligence in the refined craftsmanship.

Desinged for HUMANS

To delight not only pets, the cat house collection is also human-friendly, impressing everyone with not only functional but also design-minded details. Never relegate cat’s favorite places to basements, garages, and bathrooms for clutter, enjoy this masterpiece that tastefully and sensibly integrates into your home.

组 95.png

Ultra-Tough & Durable

组 98.png

Built in Seconds

组 97.png

Unrivalled Flexibility

组 96.png

Designed for Housework


Ultra-Tough & Durable!

Our Mini Cardboard Mansion can withstand 20 KG weight, supporting multiple larger felines pounding, jumping, even fighting on top, assuring all safety concern of pet parents.
组 81.png

Designed for Housework

The no-base design allows easy cleaning, just pick up the lightweight cat house and tidy up below, no filth will be piled up inside.
组 83.png

Built in Seconds

Built in the wink of an eye! You may not need to read our assembly manual. Without screws or connection pieces, no risk for cats swallowing dangerous parts or accessories.
组 98.png

Connect for Unlimited Fun

Join 2 cat houses together for extra fun and accommodate more cats.
组 99_2x.png

Tower-Like High-Rise Structure

Crafted to fit even smaller apartments, place cat house in corners of your house with its flat walls to optimize space, or at any empty space without leaning against a wall.
组 101_2x.png

Easy Storage

When not in use, simply hold the folded cat house in place with the velcro strap that comes along in the package.
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